Annabelle: Creation

Wondering if you should see the latest horror film from the Conjuring Universe? Well, if you like taking advice from perfect strangers online, the answer is yes.

I saw Annabelle: Creation this weekend—and I have to say—even though I was in a room filled with people, the film still managed to keep me in terrified suspense. Knowing full well not a damn things was going to happen to me physically, still, I was terrified! I screamed out loud.


The Conjuring Universe has completely revived ghost stories to their pre-90s glory. For some reason, horror took a turn toward cheese with Friday the 13th remakes–losing the cool creepy allure that films prior had mastered. Like Amytaville, The Entity, The Omen, and The Exorcist series, the Conjuring Universe is gloriously shining a light on great ghost stories.

Something about not knowing what is chasing you is incredibly horrifying. The unknown. The mystery. The hidden danger of it all is exciting. To all the masters bringing them to life, bravo. Well done.

Find more scary stories in Lorraine Warren’s book, if you dare.

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